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Re: (TFT) Re: TFT Digest V4 #463

Got the errata
And I got the IQ 7 for ProotWiz'es although they may not actually be
proots if the tribe runs them off... anyway, I'z musing as to what
this might mean looking toward IQ 1 spells, if suchathing exists at
all that is...
IDK... Let's just say when testing defenses I find a fruitful first
start often comes from targeting the assumptions... For general
discussion I often describe "Magic" as the ability to call a virtual
particle of specific traits into being via vacuum genesis as the root
concept being manipulated but that's just one possibility that serves
more to show how much such a concept can influence the idea as opposed
to say sympathetic magic that may be heavy on components and the
correct verbal, gestural, procedural components to enact which is
different from blood magic and yada yada yada... what's magic is
affecting and area, perhaps at a distance, with an effect, and often
with force intent on causing damage and whateverelse is lumped into
the idea of the basic units on "Magic".
I'm not talking about being "right" or comparing ideas so much as
trying to point out that a LOT of core concepts are a bit... shaky
objectively speaking and I think that the shared participation in
what's in effect a story when the play is through is a major factor in
why a tabletop face to face soul rubbing RPGing gets a nod as a valid
form of artistic expression albeit it's hard to say how limited the
potential might be... and la la la, who knows? Still from that
approach I find a clear expression of the basic "building blocks"
helps in focusing each different Players visualization of what's
happening into that shared gestalt of play.
Uhhhh game as model railroad. There's the top of the model and there's
underneath the model and both are needed for the displays that attract
the largest number of peoples attention... or describe the target
interest group better if going that way with it the idea being not
having a bunch of scenery guys show up to the experimental wiring
wingding... not as likely to have everybody enjoy the focus that

On Mon, Nov 30, 2015 at 9:19 PM, David Bofinger
<bofinger.david@gmail.com> wrote:
> On second thoughts add:
>    - SUMMON PROOTWADDLE (C: IQ 7, ST 1/1) Summons a prootwaddle [S
> T 10, DX
>    10, IQ 6, MA 10, carries two-handed maul 1+1, 1-3 unarmed in HTH] to fig
> ht
>    for the caster.
> and modify:
>    - UNREALISTIC IMAGE (C: IQ 7, ST 1/-) Creates a translucent 1 hex image
>    that wouldn't normally fool anyone. Last 12 turns. Can be disbelieved on
>  2
>    vs IQ. Can be as effective, or almost as effective, as a normal Image sp
> ell
>    in difficult seeing conditions (fog, etc.), if the creature being simula
> ted
>    happens to be translucent, or if the observer is a prootwaddle.
> The spells are IQ 7, not IQ 1. Probably should be a space between IQ and 7.
> The idea is that an ordinary prootwaddle can't learn them, but one of those
> rare freakish prootwaddle geniuses can.
> --
> David
> On 1 December 2015 at 15:05, David Bofinger <bofinger.david@gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> I think animals should have a sort of IQ crippleware. It can do some of
>> what IQ does, willpower and perception for instance, but not everything.
>> And they have instinctive talents like Alertness.
>> My IQ 7 spells are:
>>    - BLUNT WEAPON (T: IQ7, ST 1/-) A blunt weapon does 1 point less
>>    damage. A weapon can be blunted up to 5 times, subsequent uses of the
> spell
>>    have no effect. Blunting is a permanent effect and can be corrected by
>>    Repair or use of a whetstone. Ineffective against weapons that are alr
> eady
>>    blunt.
>>    - FOG (C: IQ7, ST 1/-) Fills one hex with a magical fog that somewhat
>>    obscures vision. -2 DX for missiles per hex of fog, and -2 DX if attac
> king
>>    into or out of it. Anyone in or entering the fog also becomes slightly
>>    damp. Lasts 12 turns, or less in wind.
>>    - KILL RAT (T: IQ7, ST 1/-) Causes 1 point of damage. Does get stopped
>>    by armour.
>>    - LITERACY (S: IQ7, ST 2/-) Allows the caster to read and write any
>>    languages he knows, but reduces his IQ to 6 and disorders his common s
> ense.
>>    The spell lasts one minute: long enough to, for instance, write a slog
> an on
>>    his own or another prootwaddle's body. The negative effects of the spe
> ll,
>>    however, pretty much guarantee the slogan will be bizarre at best and
>>    gibberish at worst.
>>    - MAGIC ROCK (M: IQ7, ST V/-) Creates and flings a magic rock to
>>    damage a single target. Does 1D-3 (minimum 0) for each ST point used t
> o
>>    cast.
>>    - PROOT! (T: IQ7, ST 1/-) Makes a loud “Proot! Proo-oot!�€
>   noise –
>>    louder than a prootwaddle can make. Prootwaddles find the sound reassu
> ring.
>>    Non-prootwaddles find it irritating.
>>    - PUSH / PULL (T: IQ7, ST 2/-) Victim must roll 3 vs DX, or 4 vs ST,
>>    victim's choice. If he fails he must step directly away from (for push
> ) or
>>    toward (for pull) the caster, or fall down. (As though forced to retre
> at.)
>>    Can also be used to push around inanimate objects, or even friends.
>>    - SPEED HAIR (T: IQ7, ST 3/-) For the next day the target's hair
>>    (wherever on body) grows at twice the normal rate.
>>    - SUMMON HOUSE CAT (C: IQ7, ST 1/1) Summons a House Cat [ST 4, DX 14,
>>    IQ 5, MA 14. 1-2 in HTH only, -3 DX for enemies to hit it] to fight fo
> r the
>>    caster.
>>    - SUMMON VERMIN (T: IQ7, ST 1/1) Summons vermin to fight for the
>>    caster, of a kind with which the caster is familiar: rats, bats, piran
> has,
>>    piranhakeets, scuttles or something similar at GM discretion. Roll one
>  die
>>    for the number, -1 if the environment is not really suitable, -2 if hi
> ghly
>>    unsuitable, -1 for bats, -2 for piranhakeets.
>>    - THICKSKINNED (T: IQ7, ST 2/-) Target's skin becomes thick and
>>    leathery, it stops 2 hits but the target suffers -1 DX.
>>    - UNREALISTIC IMAGE (C: IQ7, ST 1/-) Creates a translucent 1 hex image
>>    that wouldn't normally fool anyone. Last 12 turns. Can be disbelieved
> on 2
>>    vs IQ. In difficult seeing conditions (fog, etc.) can be almost as
>>    effective as a regular Image. Also effective if the creature being
>>    simulated happens to be translucent.
>> --
>> David
>> On 1 December 2015 at 13:23, Jay Carlisle <maou.tsaou@gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Agreed David... working up a basic Google.doc for each stat as I
>>> currently have worked up. In a 3 stat system each stat needs to do
>>> more than a single task and I use IQ as a measure of perception and as
>>> a measure of how effective a Figure or Unit can be at micro-managing
>>> its time which in effect allows more Followers/Talents/Orders to be
>>> carried the higher the IQ. Orders are in effect Talents learned as a
>>> Unit and able to be executed en mass and the above is more a rule of
>>> thumb guide to what kind of Orders might be expected from a Unit of
>>> whathaveyou rather than trying to pin individual IQ's per say...
>>> although the point about the monkey is quite interesting... assuming
>>> communication was possible such that an Order set was able to be
>>> established and the monkey was hip to thinking like a human of course.
>>> Plant's as individuals may not influence on a Melee scale of action
>>> but the idea of a bio-region of plants being in a network may allow
>>> some influence on such activity? Agent Orange? IDK... How much does
>>> swimming have to do with smart?
>>> Great points to mull over Sir, I'd love to see anything You might have
>>> to hand on IQ7 spells by the way... no worries though.
>>> On Mon, Nov 30, 2015 at 5:23 PM, David Bofinger
>>> <bofinger.david@gmail.com> wrote:
>>> >> IQ
>>> >> 0 >> >> 1 >> >> 2 >> >> 3 >> >> 4 >> >> 5 >> >> 6 >> >> 7 >> >> 8 >> >> 9 >> >> 10 >> >
>>> > TL;DR but I picked this up skimming. My first instinct is that it's go
> t
>>> to
>>> > be wrong. By these definitions a fighter who owned a pet monkey might
> be
>>> > well advised to let it handle the thinking.
>>> >
>>> > IQ 7 lets you buy weapon skills. I don't know if anyone's taught a
>>> monkey
>>> > to fence, but I would guess someone in a circus has tried so probably
>>> they
>>> > failed.
>>> >
>>> > Great apes will occasionally use clubs but that doesn't require a
>>> talent.
>>> >
>>> > Some apes have been taught e.g. sign language but that has no IQ
>>> threshold
>>> > unless you call it literacy in which case it's IQ 8.
>>> >
>>> > Maybe chimps are IQ 4 to 6? That leaves prootwaddles slightly smarter
>>> than
>>> > most chimps which seems right.
>>> >
>>> > Birds vary a lot. Some birds, mostly corvids and parrots, are really
>>> quite
>>> > smart, probably maxing out at IQ 5 or 6. On the other hand ratites ten
> d
>>> to
>>> > be idiots.
>>> >
>>> > Dolphins aren't as smart as popularly imagined.
>>> >
>>> > Working at the trailing edge of intellect reminds me of when I wrote u
> p
>>> IQ
>>> > 7 spells for prootwaddle wizards. Magic Rock!
>>> >
>>> > --
>>> > David
>>> >
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