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Re: (TFT) Madison Traditional Gaming.

Say hi to the gang at Pegasus.

With the bunch you're likely to have there, you may as well jump right
into the TFT stuff.

Neil Gilmore

> I have a question for everyone.  I am in a gaming group at the local game
> s
> tore and we meet every Tuesday evening.  What we do is several of us are
> GM
> s, actually anyone can GM, and about every four months or so we switch
> game systems.  The only requirement is that the system be pre-2K.  I have
> b
> een running MERP.  And am considering running TFT in the new "season"
> start
> ing in January.
> Would it be better to run basic Melee/Wizard or could/should I jump right
> i
> nto TFT/ITL?  I have been playing TFT since the time of the Beginning, th
> e '80s...  Just would like some thoughts/ideas...

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