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Re: (TFT) Madison Traditional Gaming.

At 11:00 AM 12/1/2015, Jay White wrote:
I have a question for everyone.  I am in a gaming group at the local game s
tore and we meet every Tuesday evening.  What we do is several of us are GM
s, actually anyone can GM, and about every four months or so we switch
game systems.  The only requirement is that the system be pre-2K.  I have b
een running MERP.  And am considering running TFT in the new "season" start
ing in January.

Would it be better to run basic Melee/Wizard or could/should I jump right i
nto TFT/ITL?  I have been playing TFT since the time of the Beginning, th
e '80s...  Just would like some thoughts/ideas...

Jay White (the other Jay)

I would only use basic Melee if for some reason I wanted to be minimalist, or to gain slightly more simplification for non-gamers or a large-scale battle, or to play the first Death Test in original mode for science, or something.

I think TFT/AM/AW/ITL adds a lot of good stuff and is still simpler than many RPGs in many ways, so unless you have a specific reason, I'd use the whole system, or as much as you want to play with.

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