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(TFT) New rules are up - Dying in TFT

Hi all, 
  I've put the dying in TFT rules up.  In real life, people take enough
damage to get knocked out all the time, but are not on the ragged
edge of dying.  This gives people a bit more leeway before passing
on... They have to go a bit negative before they die.

  Also, it is now possible to have a dying figure be conscious, so that
they can gasp out a warning, or a cryptic clue.  And people can now
experience the drama of having a mortally wounded friend who they
are just unable to save.

  The rules below are a fairly simple set of rules which support the
above ideas.  There are a good number of optional rules which will
allow the GM to season these to taste.  


  As always, I would be curious about people's comments and if 
any one is confused or sees a typo.

  Warm regards, Rick.

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