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Re: (TFT) New rules are up - Dying in TFT

Hi all,
  Cris Fuhrman sent me a private, long and detailed post giving me
feedback on my Dying Rules.  I have revised them based on his


Warm regards, Rick.

On 2016-03-19, at 4:00 PM, Jeffrey Vandine wrote:
> This is interesting stuff.  I've already done something very similar i
> n my own campaign (based off of a massively simplified GURPS rule, of cours
> e, as this appears to somewhat be), including the part where you can gasp o
> ut some last threat, curse, clue or announcement with your last conscious t
> hought, so I can vouch that this all works quite well.
> And I LIKE the optional simplified rule for calculating damage effects.Â
>   I've been working towards something rather similar for a while now, but
> hadn't gotten past the tabular stage yet to define the underlying principl
> e.  What you've provided here does the job quite nicely.

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