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Re: D&D classic Psionics in TFT

> Jeffrey Vending 


> On the other hand, if you just had the characters, say, SPEND the XP to buy a point of Psionics 

I already covered this.

/begin quote
...a GM may play some NPCs as reluctant or slow to improve.  Baffling, sometimes even angering the players characters...
/end quote

In play testing the Players, not their characters, could get quite forceful and demanding about NPC's or a hireling spending their exp right away.  (more so with a hireling.)

Kind of like your comments are being forceful and demanding about what TFT is and is not.

It is a shame to reject this simple insight so quickly, as I have so much more to share.  But remember, one does not have to agree, like, or even endorse the idea of a "Hidden attribute".

And I value your comments on it greatly.

Thank you for taking a moment to read.
David Michael Grouchy II