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Re: D&D classic Psionics in TFT

> Marc Gacy 


> I also remembered that years ago I made a
> Psionics system for Legends of Time and
> Space by Dark City Games. 

Nice!  Bookmarked for further reading.  Use what ever Psionic rules work for your campaign, I say.  And some of these are new to me.  Like divisions between pyro, hydro, and cryo.  And the idea that Telekinesis can be trained to do what here-to-fore were so many different and separate spells.

One of the crunch bits I really like about TFT is how many different ways their are to get the same results.  For instance from your rules I could cause the players to question: Is it telekinesis, reverse missiles, or an invisible barrier?  Did someone cast a spell, is it an item, or psionics.

Assuming the characters even know what psionic is at that point.

Thank you.
David Michael Grouchy II