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Re: D&D classic Psionics in TFT

Read your own quote.  I didn't call you anything; I stated that you were telling us that the only way to do something was your way.  Which you were.  The only "table leaning" going on here is yours.  Nice try, though.

As for "never telling the players that unpsent XP can be an attribute," I think that pretty clearly establishes that there will never be any unspent XP.  And what in the rules of TFT would ever "prevent" a character from cashing in their XP?  Other than maybe, death?

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Subject: Re: D&D classic Psionics in TFT

> Jeffrey Vandine 
> So, your response to a fairly lengthy e-mail with some suggestions for everyone to think about ... is a personal attack?  Okay then.  (And it's all one word; "Vandine.")


/begin quote from Vandine
 You're coming across a bit "Gygaxian" right now...
/end quote

You now accuse me of name calling.  You started it.  But apparently can not handle return fire in kind.  How about stop leaning on the table and it will not appear tilted.

The most important things to remember are 1) never tell the players that unspent exp can be an attribute, and 2) what happens to characters that are unable to cash in their exp?

Thank you for reading and challenging me.
David Michael Grouchy II