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Re: D&D classic Psionics in TFT

Various responses...

Re: 'Gygaxian'

This amuses me, as the original D&D is sprinkled throughout with
admonishments to use, not use, or modify the rules to suit the campaign.
It's only after the 'corporatization' of D&D that everything became

Re: Gaining attributes/levels

For TFT, I stick to the detailed rules. You know, having the list of
things a character is working on, making them practice it, mentors/formal
training for some things, etc. It's more to keep track of, but works quite

As for gaining levels during adventures/combat, recall my background. I've
seen it. I have seen with my own eyes people gain that attribute point (or
more likely in the real world, skill) during matches. It's not common, but
it does happen.

Neil Gilmore