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Re: D&D classic Psionics in TFT

> David Michael Grouchy II 
> When viewed in this way, a GM may play some NPCs as
> reluctant or slow to improve.  Baffling, sometimes even
> angering the players characters, yet getting stronger in
> Psychic presence.

Just a quick note.  I found this clip of the upcoming Dr Strange movie and it does a fair job of representing some of the anger and hostility I have felt from players in the presence of psionics.


He is quite hostile about it.  Like players who are certain they have a rational grasp of all the rules.  Discovering psionics as a hidden attribute can be quite disturbing.

The instant she teaches him astral projection though, the baffling anger evaporates and he embraces the extra dimension of his self.  Very meta.

Using psionics as the hidden attribute has worked for me.

David Michael Grouchy II