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Re: Rick's D&D style psionics for TFT. Post 3

Hi David, everyone.
  Thank you David for the various compliments.  The transfer modes 
unlocked with the various psionic talents do a LOT to balance 
psionics compared to original AD&D.  If you have low IQ (so you can't 
have many talents) or if you have a high IQ but have not specialized in 
psionics (you didn't bother to buy the better talents), then your range 
and the need to go into a trance makes you an appealing and easy 
target for the regular adventurers.  

  However, in the right circumstances, even the lowest talent can give
you advantages that are hard for others character classes to match, 
making psionics a useful job specialty.

  If you want the super good talents with the mind bridge transfer mode,
then you are REALLY, REALLY powerful, but your PSI attribute is likely
low, which means you will have a hard time holding your own in 

  And a mid level talent like Psionics 3 (2), (which gives you the Touch
transfer mode), and a high PSI attribute makes you scary for Infernus
feedback contests.

  And their is always the question, how much to put into the psionics
side of things, or pick up a smattering but mainly be a fighter, or 
ranger or something.

  Actually a lot of trade offs and different ways to develop a psionic 
character.  I think I might test drive these rules in my campaign, but I
will use the lower IQ version for the talents so that they will come into
play quicker.

  One last note, these rules came together far faster than the earlier two
times I tried to write up a psionics system.  I think my years at working in
the game industry have taught me a few tricks.

  Warm regards, Rick.

On 2016-10-29, at 7:06 AM, David Michael Grouchy II wrote:

> I like these transfer modes the best.  They seem new, colorful, descriptive, evocative, and best of all they still jive with my own sense of psionic being four dimensional in a world of three dimensional life.
> David Michael Grouchy II
>> Rick Smith 
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