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Re: Talking about psychopaths in Traveler (and TFT)

I've actually only seen this happen once, but it was memorable. The party had a goblin prisoner, a member of the clan they were pretty sure had caused a volcano to erupt, wrecking the local ecosystems to everyone's detriment. They were interrogating him, trying to establish guilt and/or track down the rest of the clan to "bring them to justice" (i.e. kill the goblin scum).

Then the wizard got bored and fired off about 5 dice worth of lightning bolt, frying the only reliable source of information the party had at that point.

Of course this happened in a courtroom, with two local kings in attendance. So the wizard found himself skewered by the guards' crossbow bolts in pretty short order, and the rest of the party got clapped in irons and thrown in jail for associating with a maniac. They eventually talked themselves out, I guess, but by that point the action was basically all over.

My role in all this? I was playing the goblin. The GM was kind enough to give me the option to dodge that lightning bolt, which would have seriously improved my chances against the wizard's none-too-exceptional DX. But I was running out of not-technically-false answers that didn't incriminate my clan, so I didn't take it. No, my character died a heroic death! (which probably only delayed the inevitable goblin-extermination campaign by a couple of days if that, but whatever. Incidentally, the eruption was indeed the goblins' doing, but it was an accident.)

I know I've told this story here before, so apologies for repetition, but that character's story is my proudest accomplishment as a player. Incidentally, GM's, setting up players so they're working at cross purposes can make for some GREAT moments.

On 10/26/16 6:37 PM, Rick Smith wrote:
Hi Tom,
   If it is rpg game related, or even game related, no one will mind.
I like picking descriptive subject lines. It make it easier to skip
those that don't interest people.

   I was in a pbem rpg, (using TFT rules) and a couple of new players
were bored with a touchy negotiation with an enemy (representatives
of a crime lord we had been fighting).  So they attacked them.

   They said that they were just playing in character because they had
the berserk talent.

   So I kicked them out of the party.  They were so mad that they quit
the campaign.


   Warm regards, Rick.
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