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Classic Psionics in Traveler

Hi Tom.
  Welcome to the list.  

  I confess that the thing I liked least about basic Traveler was
that all character development happened before the game began.
Perhaps getting experience points and improving skills and 
attributes was less realistic than people gaining most of their skills
earlier in their career. 

  However, seeing the characters you spent time with was 
definitely more fun.

Warm regards, Rick.

On 2016-10-22, at 3:21 PM, Tom Ellis wrote:
Hi, people.  To answer the question, I preferred Classic Traveler vs. D&D psionics  because of how they balanced it.  Be skilled based vs. level based, Traveller made people make choices.  You could spend 20+ years in the service and have mad skills, but at that point you also wouldn’t be able to achieve your full psionic potential.  Then there was the whole drama of finding a Guild to study at.
So, as an introduction.  Hi again.  My name is Tom and I still have my paper D&D books from the 70s.  I look forward to more fruitful discussions on this list.