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Re: Magic Item enchantments: Chance of critical failures.

Hi Thomas,
  It changes the failure rate from the way we were (incorrectly) playing it.

  I think I have figured out how the TFT rules evolved.  I think that in an
early draft of TFT, an 18 destroyed ALL enchantments on an item, and
that that rule was revised before Advanced Wizard went to print.  The
phrase "... value of the UNDERLYING item..." was left over from that
old rule set.

  Warm regards, Rick.

On 2016-11-07, at 5:10 PM, Thomas Fulmer wrote:

> Rick,
> I don't think this changes the failure rate. Twice as long rolling every other week...
> So if it would normally have been 10 weeks and 10 rolls, now it's 20 weeks and 10 rolls. Same failure chance but it takes longer.
> Third enchant is presumably 40 weeks and 10 rolls.
> --Thomas