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Re: Any email games?

I did get a couple of the Qin crossbow ones also, but that is pretty much it.  I have had this same email for almost 20 years(?)

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So have you just been reading archives?

I, too seldom get the emails any more. I attribute that to having changed
email providers a couple years ago, and wherever brainiac is not liking
that. Of the 7 or so emails about Qin crossbows recently, I think I got 2
of the messages.


No, you're not off topic. But I don't know of any games. Sorry.

Neil Gilmore

> Good day to you!
> I have been on this list for a few years now and this is the first time
> that I have even gotten an email from the group.  I honestly don't think
> it is active any more.  I have checked in once in a while and nothing new
> ever seems to be posted.
> Its really sad, I used to play Melee/wizard/TFT quite a lot and now I
> can't seem to get anyone interested...
> Well, good luck in your search!
> ________________________________
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> Subject: Any email games?
> Hi everyone,
> I've been looking for a TFT game for a while and haven't had much success,
> they mostly seem inactive. I know this list isn't a game so hopefully this
> isn't too off topic. Just wondering if anyone can point me to some still
> active TFT email games.
> Apologies if I'm taking things off the normal topic. I've just been having
> the itch for a while.
> Marianne

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