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Changes to Rick's campaign.

Hi all, 
  In my campaign I'm going to use these two defend options as an

Defend and Aim: All opponents in your front hexes must roll 4 dice
to hit you.  Additionally each turn of Defending and Aiming gives 
you a +1 DX (to a max of +2 DX) when you attack on the following 

Defend and Edge Away: All opponents in your front hexes must 
roll 4 dice to hit you.  Additionally, if they hit, if their to hit roll was 
evenly divisible by 3, then they auto-miss.  (On 4 dice this is very 
close to a 1/3 chance.)  After you have Defended and Edged Away
for two turns in a row, you get a free one hex move after all second
shot missiles and retreats at the end of the turn.

(The new rules are in red.)

You can think of the first option as parrying waiting for an opening,
where as the second one is an all out defence where you give 
ground if that gives you a better chance of surviving.

We will see how they work.  But notice that against high DX figures,
you have at a minimum 1/3 chance of being missed with the second

Warm regards, Rick.