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Re: Rick's comments on the Defend Option

At 05:55 AM 1/30/2018, raito@raito.com wrote:
2. Where the standard Defend option breaks down is high-DX vs. high-DX.
You both have equal but high DX and have a 97% chance to hit each other?
Not worried about high-DX vs. low-DX. In my (real-world) experience, I
(with decades of experience) can pretty much strike at will any new guy
(with far less), even when he's fully defensive. In some ways, it's
easier, because I know I don't have to worry about him striking back.

3. I've tried various ways to compensate for what happens when both DX are
high, but equal. Nothing worked very well. It's just one of the TFT
scaling issues.
Neil, in your decades of real-world experience, what would the to-hit chances for two high-but-equal-skill people be like, in the cases where both are fighting offensively, defensively, or one offensively and the other defensively, both on a blow-by-blow basis, and on a 5-seconds-of-fighting basis?