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Re: Rick's comments on the Defend Option

A lot depends on the rules you are using. If the character is maxing out and you have no great use for an extra attribute or two then adding it to DX may be defensible. But in a game with house rules where ST, IQ and mIQ are all useful it gets harder to justify.


On 31 Jan. 2018 12:59 am, <raito@raito.com> wrote:
Rock's original message, as well as some of the replies, are messages that
I did not receive from the list. (Joe wanted to know.)

As for Defend, a couple comments:

1. An adjDX over 15 is not useful in 3-die situations. It's always good to
have some headroom. If nothing else, it put you first in line for actions.

2. Where the standard Defend option breaks down is high-DX vs. high-DX.
You both have equal but high DX and have a 97% chance to hit each other?
Not worried about high-DX vs. low-DX. In my (real-world) experience, I
(with decades of experience) can pretty much strike at will any new guy
(with far less), even when he's fully defensive. In some ways, it's
easier, because I know I don't have to worry about him striking back.

3. I've tried various ways to compensate for what happens when both DX are
high, but equal. Nothing worked very well. It's just one of the TFT
scaling issues.

Neil Gilmore

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>> Subject: Rick's comments on the Defend Option
>> Hi everyone.
>> I have argued before against any sort of parry as a free action. But
>> what about the Defend option? I feel it is not powerful enough.
>> Against characters with low to moderate attributes it is fine. But when
>> you are fighting against experienced figures it is a waste of time.
>> Some people argue that DX above 16 to 18 are useless. However, in my
>> campaign, people are often fighting at DX negatives, so higher DX is
>> useful. (You are hitting someone with a height advantage and they have a
>> Haze ring for a total of -4 adj DX on your roll. If you change facing
>> you are at an extra -2 DX for rough ground, etc.)

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