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Re: TFT in Dragon Magazine

(I only get messages from the list sporadically, and Edward's mailer
generates some truly horrific formatting for my plain text reader...)

Someone said,

"Classic RuneQuest> was the closest I’ve seen to a ‘realistic’ system."

Ew. Was familiar with it even before I read an interview with the
designers, who said they patterned it on SCA combat. Good thing I read
that, because I'd never have seen the connection. I don't think they were
all that familiar with SCA combat, even as far back as Classic Runequest
went (1978. It's considerably different these days).

I found Chivalry and Sorcery to be quite realistic, though equally tedious.

Possibly Arms Law, aside from the static nature of the critical hit
tables. The idea that wearing armour is a skill is absolutely true. Old
guys with decades in harness can arm up before breakfast and take it off
after dinner and suffer little if any effect. New guys suffer to be armed
for an hour.

Neil Gilmore