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Re: Weapons for pulling you down / off balance.

Hi Rick,

I was saying what _I_ would do, but tastes and considerations vary.

I'm curious what your shield rush rewrite looks like. Seems to me the RAW is something like what I'd expect, since it takes into account the the ST and DX of both the attacker and the defender. In fact, you could pretty much just use the shield rush mechanic (but usable at 2 hexes away) for trying to knock someone down with a billhook, if you want simple rules.

By now I'm used to complex rules, so I might go more complex, specifying different DX mods per weapon (which no one really has to remember if they bother to write them on their character sheets and do the subtraction in advance.

DX 13  Bill Hook, 1d+2, reach 2, (13) / hook attack (11) victim 5 vs. ST + DX
- or whatever

Player only needs to look at the 11 to know what to roll against to hook someone.

But for detailed play, a hook could be used to try (or end up having) different effects, such as pulling off balance, pulling closer, etc.