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Re: Hexagon pattern dungeons

At 11:50 PM 5/3/2018, Craig Barber wrote:
After I invented the square megahexes, it was easy to have *both*  of my
cakes and eat them both too.  Any square grain dungeon could be played
on megahexes from then on.

Yeah, those are brilliant and awesome!

I hate to rehash an old old discussion (when did we talk about this?)
but here goes.  Out of curiosity:  how many people here largely avoided
hex grain dungeons?  Does anyone ONLY use hex grain dungeons?  Does
anyone love them  like I do or does anyone hate hex dungeons?

I pretty much only used hexgrain dungeons in TFT, though I started drawing locations more organically and had some techniques for drawing more natural shapes, and would not stick to the hexgrid on labyrinth-scale maps - that is, I would draw walls that cut through megahexes so the locations could be shaped how they made sense. Kind of like how Bendwyn buildings are square, only at labyrinth scale and with more awareness of the combat scale.

I still like hexgrain dungeons, but I don't like the artificial megahex alignment they tend to give the content.

When I converted my TFT campaigns to GURPS, the way GURPS handles hexes in combat got me to change how I did combat and labyrinth maps. GURPS doesn't refer to megahexes, traces line of fire through any point in a hex (not center to center) and allows you to move into partially-blocked hexes, and usually draws terrain without regard to the hexes. So I switched to using plastic transparent hexmap overlays, and drawing things on plain paper to put under them. I still had (and made new) mapped locations using TFT labyrinth style/scale, but instead of laying out megahexes for them, I had a labyrinth-sized hex grid (so like 3-to-4 inch hexes) and used that as a reference to draw the terrain shown on the labyrinth map on plain paper, put under the combat hex overlay for play. I'm not sure if that description is understandable, but it worked rather well.