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Re: [Slope: Ch 11] Yet another idea on how to improve Defending

At 06:19 PM 5/16/2018, Rick wrote:
  I created some (too complex) parrying rules long ago, and they bogged
down the game since they were being used every attack and defence,
once the players got half decent.  But if they are only triggered on the
defend option, that would not be any where near such a big problem.

On the other hand, if high DX figures can normally trigger a counter
attack when they defend, that is taking the rules in a direction that I
DONâ??T want to go in.

Sure. Ironically, it was as a player in a PBEM game you were running with those parrying rules that I realized I could really like playing TFT if it had a rule with an effect like that. One of the main issues I have with TFT is how there isn't much way to avoid being hit, so you need to take out your opponents in one turn or else you can expect them to injure you (unless you have enough armor to stop entire attacks).

Something like Neil's idea of normalizing DX down to 10 could be another way I might like (though maybe you wouldn't like that either because you don't like attacks that often don't end up hitting)?