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Re: Fights take longer.

At 09:23 PM 5/16/2018, Rick wrote:
Hi Everyone,
  When I said that combats take longer in real life, I was
actually thinking of larger battles, with a couple dozen
people on a side.  From what Iâ??ve read it was not
uncommon for such fights to go on for several minutes.
In TFT, it seems that these fights are all over in 4 to 6

  This is actually something of interest to me.  One on one
fights take seconds, but only modestly larger fights take
much longer.  Anyone have a good idea as to why?

I expect they're measuring different things.

The time it takes two people to fight is being measured starting from when they actually start swinging. When you watch two people fighting, it's almost never an immediate charge to ceaseless attacking. And if someone defeats someone else, or there's a clash with no victor and the fighter's step back, there's rarely an immediate charge back into action - often there's a pause that's longer than the clash. People often pause, size each other up, dance just out of reach, advance and step back and wait, clash and step back and pause.

The time it takes a group of people to do battle is measured starting from the time the groups start to move into contact, but they're not all next to a foe, and those that are aren't constantly fighting. They're spending time adjusting position, pausing between clashes and as people look around, waiting for an opening, repositioning, whatever.