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Re: But High DX figures SHOULD win.

> Hi Neil, everyone.
>   I was not able to understand your ‘seminar’ story at the bottom.
> What are the techniques you are discussing?  Why do the high
> ‘rank' figures need to use ‘techniques’.  If the ‘high rank’ figures
> are higher attribute characters, it would seem to me that they
> don’t need to use special battle tricks to win fights.  I think that
> your story needs a bit more background to give context.

The point was in support of my argument on how low and high DX people
actually win fights, and the outcome of what happens when high meets low.

A technique is not really a battle 'tricks'. Such tricks don't work in the
long run. The specific technique I used was not a trick, just a particular
basic technique. Done at a high level of skill, but something that
everyone learns. No trickery involved.

I used that particular technique over and over and over again specifically
to see if any of the lower rank guys would notice, figure out what I was
doing, and counter it knowing what I would do. If they had done so, I'd
have known that they were moving out of the lower DX ranks where simply
executing a technique correctly is likely to win, and up to the level
where seeing what's happening and manipulating that wins.

I was looking so that I'd know what I could teach to each of them
according to how well they did against me.

>   I note that my defend rules do NOTHING to change your
> general rule that "high DX figures win”.  My rules just try to slow
> down that result a bit.

And my point is that it doesn't slow down.

Neil Gilmore