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Re: But High DX figures SHOULD win.

So you were doing some real sparing with these guys?
It was not a game?

Warm regards Rick

> On May 16, 2018, at 8:25 PM, raito@raito.com wrote:
>> Hi Neil, everyone.
>>  I was not able to understand your ‘seminar’ story at the bottom.
>> What are the techniques you are discussing?  Why do the high
>> ‘rank' figures need to use ‘techniques’.  If the ‘high rank’ figures
>> are higher attribute characters, it would seem to me that they
>> don’t need to use special battle tricks to win fights.  I think that
>> your story needs a bit more background to give context.
> The point was in support of my argument on how low and high DX people
> actually win fights, and the outcome of what happens when high meets low.
> A technique is not really a battle 'tricks'. Such tricks don't work in the
> long run. The specific technique I used was not a trick, just a particular
> basic technique. Done at a high level of skill, but something that
> everyone learns. No trickery involved.
> I used that particular technique over and over and over again specifically
> to see if any of the lower rank guys would notice, figure out what I was
> doing, and counter it knowing what I would do. If they had done so, I'd
> have known that they were moving out of the lower DX ranks where simply
> executing a technique correctly is likely to win, and up to the level
> where seeing what's happening and manipulating that wins.
> I was looking so that I'd know what I could teach to each of them
> according to how well they did against me.
>>  I note that my defend rules do NOTHING to change your
>> general rule that "high DX figures win”.  My rules just try to slow
>> down that result a bit.
> And my point is that it doesn't slow down.
> Neil Gilmore
> raito@raito.com
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