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Re: [Slope: Ch 11] Yet another idea on how to improve Defending

At 04:06 PM 5/17/2018, Rick wrote:
  The main thing that bothers me about the normalizing attacks down to
10 DX is that you have to stop and poll your opponent before every attack.
"Iâ??m going to attack A, what is his DX?  15???  Well Iâ??m going to attack
B, what is his DX?  14???  Well Iâ??m going to attack C, what is his DX?
12?  OK, (calculate number I need to hit), I attack C!â??

I often run big fights with 10 or 20 people on each side.  Normalizing the
DX, just seems like a really big overhead.


I wouldn't have the GM reveal the DX except perhaps vaguely through clues... though TFT's action sequence by adjDX would give it away and sadly incentiveize the tedious & gamey technique of noticing what sequence everyone acted in order to deduce adjDX, which with such a rule would become much more significant.

Yeah, I guess that's not so uncomplicated a way to do it, for my tastes either, unless Neil has figured out a nice way to do it we're not thinking about.