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Re: (TFT) TFT "Collectables"?

Guy McLimore a écrit:

> Philip Wiles at PAW@merichem.com on 7/14/98 8:33 AM said:
> >What is the deal with some of the outrageous pricing I've seen on TFT
> >items?  I just saw a bid for $20 on a (NM) copy of Wizard where the next
> >highest bid was $10 and the one prior to that was $5.
> Welcome to the merry world of the internet auction, where prices have
> nothing whatsoever to do with reality.

That's true, but there are people out there who have no idea of the real
value and who will sell you something at 25% of what you'd pay elsewhere.
Take the fellow from whom I bought AH's SQUAD LEADER.  He was including the
mailing costs in the sale price, but as I live in Canada, he ended up paying
5,50$ to mail it when I sent him his asking price of 8$.  I bought SPI's
Empires of the Middle Ages (VG-punched) for 15$CDN from a dealer in Edmonton
when the game had just sold on a rec.games.board (no .marketplace then)
auction for 250$US.  There is NO fixed price for games.  If you don't want to
pay 40$US for that item, say no and walk away.  I've done that many times,
and I still have a complete Metagaming set and a complete GDW Original
Traveller set.

>I see commonly-available toys put on ebay
>all the time and watch them draw prices that are two to five times what
>the same item can be found for at your local Kay-Bee or We-Be-Toyz.

Same thing in wargames...especially when it comes to Milton Bradley games
like Shogun and Axis and Allies, or current AH games.


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