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Re: (TFT) Computer aided gaming

>Don't believe the cross-platform thing... not with Microsoft in the game.
>And Java is sloooooooow.

I'm not going to get into a Java argument here - suffice it to say that's
what I use in my "real world" job and that it's good enough for a company
whose revenue figures excede $1 billion annually (my gratious employer).
As for Micro$oft, they and their trepanated flock of followers can go screw
themselves blind. Anything I write conforms to true Java, and anyone who
wants to run it only has to download the appropriate JDK from Sun if they
don't already have it. Which, by the way, is free as well.
And as for speed, some of that is down to good coding, the rest to having a
good JVM. Sure I'm not writing a real-time 3D dungeon game in it, but a
simple app to generate gaming tables and static maps would execute rather
nicely. Anyone who still doubts that, send me an example of a simple gaming
aid applet you'd like and I'll write the dang thing for you, gratis.

>Hey, guys... you ever take a real good look at what I do for a living? 8-)

Kind of hard to miss, really, since it gets a mention in most of your
posts. >:)

>HTML... that sounds like a great idea. Sure makes it easy to put in the
>graphics, too.

Thanks, I thought it had potential. Plus, since I'm doing the FM's maps in
Corel, I can dump individual room maps to each page with minimal effort.
I'm liking this HTML schema more and more...

Howard K.

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