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(TFT) re: Copywrong

I wrote:

> Can we reissue any more items from TSG or Interplay? I would
> particularly like to see the character disadvantages from TSG#52 & 57

 I have no intention of 'publishing' someone elses work without their

 If we can get an author's permission then I would like to see some of
the TFT articles made available to the list. Particularly the Interplay
articles as I assume I would be very unlikely to find the original

 I am prepared to pay a reasonable amount for usefull information.

 I would be prepared to summarise a magazine article and make my summary
available to the group.
For example; Forrest Johnson and Ralph Sizer published two articles in
TSG on character handicaps. I use these in my games, I have combined
both articles into a single table that randomises and summarises the
individual handicaps from the articles. 

Would it be appropriate to freely offer my table to the tft list?

For the full information you would need the original articles.


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