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Re: (TFT) Re: Psychohist's Adventure

Psychohist@aol.com wrote:
> That reminds me ... I've got an unpublished Melee/Wizard programmed adventure
> lying around.  Are people on the list interested in such things?  Would it be
> better to make it available in electronic form, or at repro cost on paper?
> Warren Dew
> =====


I would prefer it in electronic form. Though NOT 'pdf' please!

I can see real posiblities in using html for 'pick-a-path' adventures,
even including image mapping. i.e. rather than describing an irregular
shaped chamber with 5 exits, a locked chest and a mysterious occupant, I
would rather draw the chamber and let players pick on their choice. This
is one of those projects for when I get a round tuit. {8^)


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