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(TFT) FreeMapper

An early beta of my FreeMapper (needs a new name) program will be available
next week. I'd release it this week, but I'm moving and hence offline for a
FM is a Java program (JDK 1.1.6) that runs on your desktop and lets you
draw basic hex maps. You can alter the number and scale of hexes, of
course, though at the moment you're restricted by the visible area
(scrolling maps to be added later). You can add, delete and rename terrains
and set their colors. You can assign movement factors and notes to the
terrains, though that's more for expansion purposes right now. But best of
all is that you can save your maps and have them display in a web page with
the accompanying applet. This was what I was thinking of using for my
HTML-based programmed dungeon, since it takes up less memory than a bunch
of gifs and is reconfigurable through <PARAM> arguments.
Future enhancements will be counters, labelling, and maybe textured
terrains, plus the ability to recall the underlying map data in the applet.
Anyway, it's going to be a freeware product with open source code (official
changes just need to be vetted through me). If anyone's interested in beta
testing it, let me know.

Howard K.

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