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Re: (TFT) The megahex quandry


Thanks, I'm trying not to. But I'm not so much upset about reaction to my
programmed adventures, which garned sufficient (for me) interest first time
I mentioned them. Rather, I was disappointed that so few people answered my
original question - "Which do you prefer, megahexes or more realistic hex
maps?" I'm just trying to make sure I design adventures from the best
perspective, which I'd hoped this forum would help me develop.

Anyway, thanks for your reply and your support!

Howard K.


>Please do NOT take it personally.  I am VERY interested in your adventure.
>The funny thing with lists like this, people come and go and often do not
>get all of the postings.  Why don't you ask again, and I'm sure you will get
>a more favorable response.

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