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Re: copywrong (was Re: (TFT) "Home Rule" updates)

Small inclusions from articles for the purpose of discussion is allowed under 
fair use. Small meaning a paragraph at most. Inclusion of shipboard combat 
rules is not fair use.

It really doesn't matter what motives one has in posting this stuff on this 
list. The fact is that the original owner still owns the material and can do 
with it as they please. If they don't want it published, that is their 
decision, not anyone elses. It ends there. 

On the matter of payment for magazine articles, it all depends on the rights 
that the magazine bought. Did they buy all rights or just first rights. I know 
from my dealings with SJGames on Roleplayer and Pyramid that they usually buy 
first rights.  So, the question becomes, "Do the authors or the publisher own 
the rights."

What I would like to see is for someone or some group to contact the authors 
and discuss with them the possibility of publishing the material on the web. 
Now, if the publisher owns the rights, then it will be harder to get permission 
as this is Howard isn't it, and he's vanished.
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