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Re: (TFT) PDF format & megahexes.

I dislike PDF format because it's extremely kludgy to use on a computer -
flipping pages works fine with a book, but it just isn't the same in PDF.  A
computer format ought to be designed for use on a computer.

For stuff that must be printed out for use, where you end up with a book
anyway, it might be appropriate, though I don't see much of an advantage over
ASCII text.  (Text can also be printed much faster from inkjet printers, which
I suspect are the most common type these days.)  I'd prefer rules that I could
use from my laptop, though.

On the subject of megahexes - I agree with Joe Hartley that parts of megahexes
can easily be cut off to conform with whatever architecture one wants.
However, I'd like to see the assignment of megahexes done by the designer,
rather than the user - they can affect missile ranges and stuff that might be
important to the scenario.

Warren Dew
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