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Re: (TFT) The megahex quandry

Howard Kistler <hexidec@nf-vb.mindspring.com> wrote:
> To wit, should the maps of each room in this adventure be made from hexes
> or megahexes? The architecture of the place obviously works better as
> hexes, but is that worth the trade-off for the time involved in the players
> laying out the maps? If I redo the rooms as megahexes, then most of us can
> take our stack of ready-mades (or xerox up a quick batch) and lay them out
> like that.

I think the reason this hasn't gernered many answers is that we're not
sure of the ramifications of how the decision affects the gameplay, or
what extra would be requred to set up maps with hexes.

You seem to have done the initial design as hexes, and you say the
architecture lends itself to hexes as well.  I can't see a problem
with taking a set of megahexes and ignoring the MH borders, and marking
off the odd hex of a MH that might not actually be used.

I know there are tools like Wintersoft's map font that makes custom maps
easier, and I have scans of various maps already in my machine that I can
copy-n-paste in a document and come up with a map, either with hexes or
hegahexes, so the point's moot to me.

So I'll come down in favor of the hexes, since that's how you've been
designing it.

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