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(TFT) The megahex quandry

My programmed adventures (I'm calling them "Fantasy Monads" right now) are
coming along, the first hopefully to be finished this month, barring any
moving troubles this weekend. However, I'm having trouble deciding
something and was hoping you all could contribute your opinion.

To wit, should the maps of each room in this adventure be made from hexes
or megahexes? The architecture of the place obviously works better as
hexes, but is that worth the trade-off for the time involved in the players
laying out the maps? If I redo the rooms as megahexes, then most of us can
take our stack of ready-mades (or xerox up a quick batch) and lay them out
like that.

Such is my quandry. Please let me know which you prefer and why, especially
if you want to see a free adventure from me this year. >:)

Howard K.

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