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copywrong (was Re: (TFT) "Home Rule" updates)

Joe Hartley wrote:
> > Can we reissue any more items from TSG or Interplay? I would
> > particularly like to see the character disadvantages from TSG#52 & 57
> I think that we may as well go for it.  While all this stuff is
> copyrighted, I believe the intention was to have it distributed to
> anyone was interested

Well, if the copyright was retained by the owner of the magazine, one
intent was to publish something that would lead people to buy the
magazine.  If the copyright is retained by the author, one intent was to
make a few $$$ off of something they created.  I can't see how something
published in a commercial magazine (as opposed to a fanzine, free
newsletter, etc.) can be determined to be distributed with the intent
that it go to anyone interested since it originally DID NOT.  This is a
convenient fiction you have created so let's not pretend any
differently.  As there is still interest in having these items
distributed, you are depriving the copyright holder of the right to
profit from that distribution, especially with the extent of
distribution you are proposing...

My two cents on the issue.

the Mav

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