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Re: copywrong (was Re: (TFT) "Home Rule" updates)

Are these items OUT OF PRINT?  If they are out of print, then the company is
no longer making a profit on them.  Do you pay a royalty to a publisher when
you sell an item to someone?  No.  The distributors purchase VAST quantities
of magazines, games, etc. from the publishers.  When the games are no longer
being produced, the distributors no longer purchase them, right?  Now the
authors, publishers and stakeholders in the magazine, game, book, etc. get
their money from the sales to the distributors (I may be GREATLY mistaken on
this -- but the information comes to me from a PUBLISHED author, who gets
paid $$ for each unit sold...).  Follow me here,  how can a publisher track,
with any accuracy and in a cost effective manner, the number of OUT OF PRINT
items being sold from collectors, dealers, and individuals?  They cannot.
It can only be assumed that the royalties have already been paid to the
authors, etc, by the publisher off of the sales to the DISTRIBUTORS.

Ok.  Let's argue that by posting materials held in the magazines, or in a
game is -- and it is -- a violation of copywrite.  Would you, as an author
(creator) of an item -- LONG out of print, of which you have made ALL of the
money you will ever make from it, be opposed to a special interest group
(like this one) holding such an interest in your work, that they want to
share it.  All it will do is generate MARKET for your ideas.  Noone on this
list -- I hope -- want to take ANY of the ideas of another and PROFIT by it.
Every post I see gives credit where it is due.  We look out for the rights
of those who created what we so much enjoy.

Now, publishing the articles (or select parts) from these OLD, and very hard
to find, magazines will do 2 things.
1.  add some enjoyment to the games.
2.  generate MARKET for the original publications.

It's like writing a paper in college, whatever, and you include your

I see no problem in posting the content of a magazine, book, game, etc, as
long as the correct information (credit) is provided.

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