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Re: copywrong (was Re: (TFT) "Home Rule" updates)

[I've hauled out the Big Snippah here, because this boils down to a general
copyright discussion and I'm not refuting any particular points.]

Let me say first that Mav is on the side of the angels here. Having said
that, allow me to be the advocus diaboli:

1. The articles being referenced for reproduction here are unlike certian
other copyrighted works in that they have no inherent value IN AND OF
THEMSELVES. That is to say, they are only of use when applied to an
external body of work.
2. Furthermore, in their original publication, they were meant to be shared
by a community of gamers in order to be put to use. Obviously Metagaming
did not expect everyone sitting around the table to have a copy of that
issue of Interplay, though no doubt they'd have liked that. Might have kept
it around for more than 8 issues, at least.
3. Reproduction of the articles here will not impact the original publisher
(they no longer exist), the original author (they will never see any more
money from these articles), nor the demand for back issues from collectors
(I estimate there's about three times as many people looking for them as
there are extant copies).
4. Realistically, I don't see where posting extra talents or the shipboard
comabt rules for Melee is going to have a big negative impact on the world
or anyone in it. Indeed, outside of the few people here who will use those
posts, I don't see it having any impact.

Now I know I sound all facile about this, but actually I have a pretty big
problem with ignoring copyrights. Being a believer in karma, I'd have to
make damn sure that this wouldn't hurt or offend anyone before I did it.

That's my take on it.

Howard K.

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