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(TFT) "Home Rule" updates

Things have been a little quiet lately - perhaps this will stir up
the discussion.

Chris Nicole's updated the "Home Rules" list compiled by Andrew Morris
and done a fine job of turning the whole thing into HTML.  Included this
time around are some of the new talents originally published in TSG.
As always, the website's at http://www.brainiac.com/tft/

I'd like to include a little of our off-list email on the topic:

Chris Nicole <chris@loran.karoo.co.uk> wrote:
> Hi Joe,
>         I have updated the variant rules page to include the new stuff,
> I have
> also done a little reorganising of the sections. I hope that's ok.
> I think we should encourage new rules, spells, talents and variants and
> make them available. 
> For tft to stay alive it needs to grow. 
> There are quite a few parts here that contradict the published TFT rules
> with little explanation or justification. By posting them on the TFT
> site I hope we promote more discussion of variant rules, we can come up
> with something better for rules we disagree with. (Hopefully without
> offending too many people)

I fully agree with Chris, and it's exactly why I started the list.  Not
everyone will agree on the rules, or the necessity of them, but it's
always interesting to read the two sides.

(Coffee Talk time: Does the use of sectional armor slow down gameplay?

> Can we reissue any more items from TSG or Interplay? I would
> particularly like to see the character disadvantages from TSG#52 & 57

I think that we may as well go for it.  While all this stuff is
copyrighted, I believe the intention was to have it distributed to
anyone was interested, so I think this is the last best place for it.
As we've beat to death in the past, we have no intention of wantonly
destroying the holder's rights, but most of these articles were written
by fans for fans, and were meant to be discussed and used.

In the case of TSG, there may be articles (or issues) where the rights
are held by people other than HT.  In those cases, we should make an
effort to find the holder and ask.

> also Ronald Pehr wrote several useful articles for tft, do you have a
> contact for him? (He wrote the TFT Superheroes article that most of AM's
> new talents came from.)

Nope - anyone here on the list have a clue?

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