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Re: (TFT) Recent purchases - eBay.com

Brett Slocum wrote:
> This included (from the same person):
> Melee, Wizard, Grail Quest, Treasure of the Golden Unicorn, Master of the Amulets,
> Orb Quest, Lords and Dragons of the Underearth, Advanced Wizard, and the TFT Screen.
> Also, Rivets.
> I thought the price was *very* fair. 

Why not share it?  ;-)  Actually, I figure the e-bay price would be well
below the "ravenous uninformed bidder marketplace price"...  but on the
other hand I don't think you'll find a lot of TFT stuff there either.

I highly recommend posting a WTB post to the frp newsgroup to see what
kind of response you can get...  if you are patient, you can turn up
most anything this way.

the Mav

Everybody goes to The Maverick's
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