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(TFT) More character sheets

In working with Andrew's character sheets last night, I found a few things I
wanted to change, so I did, and I've made the modified sheets available via
the webpage at (of course!) http://www.brainiac.com/tft

If anyone has changes they'd like to make, feel free to either modify the
Word version and email me a copy, or make a suggestion and I'll put it on
the site.

Along those lines, there are a number of pages in the various TFT books
that have explicit permissions to photocopy (and therefore, I assume, to
distribute via a website as well).  These include the MegaHex pages from
Advanced Melee, and various hexmap sheets and character sheets from ITL.
Is this something anyone's interested in seeing on the site?  Let me know,
and I'll fire up the scanner.

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