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Re: (TFT) More character sheets

Joe Hartley at jh@metheny.brainiac.com on 8/10/98 10:55 AM said:

>Along those lines, there are a number of pages in the various TFT books
>that have explicit permissions to photocopy (and therefore, I assume, to
>distribute via a website as well).  These include the MegaHex pages from
>Advanced Melee, and various hexmap sheets and character sheets from ITL.
>Is this something anyone's interested in seeing on the site?  Let me know,
>and I'll fire up the scanner.

Not to be a wet blanket (again) but permission to photocopy for personal 
use does NOT grant permission to post to a web site or otherwise 

I don't THINK anyone would reasonably object to republishing blank 
character sheets or megahexes. But I wouldn't extend that idea too far, 
as there may be things a publisher WOULD object to seeing spread all over 
the internet.

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