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Re: (TFT) TFT Clearinghouse (was Yow!)

I picked up the Codex and Dihad from Dragontrove. [
http://www.dragontrove.com/ ] They have several OOP metagaming products
in stock and often seem to acquire additional items. I thought the
prices were reasonable;
Codex $15.00, Dihad $14.00 even with extra postage to England. The Items
I bought were in excellent condition, the Codex looked as if it had
never been opened. I thought their service was very good.


The Maverick wrote:
> Philip A Wiles wrote:
> >
> > but a couple have still eluded me (unless I want to shell out
> > $50+ for each of them.)
> Which items are you looking for?  I often find people talking about
> "hard to find" items which are easy to find if you look in the right
> place.  ;-)
> the Mav
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