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Re: (TFT) Re: Megahexes and PDFs

Ni hao, all.
Just got done with a move, so been offline for a few days. Of course you'd
start a topic dear to me in that time, so let me join in before the water

Megahex Quandry - Taking a synthesis of what everyone has said here, I'm
going to do my maps as "hexes with megahexes marked", at least for this
first release. The second adventure will use a general map that you modify,
so this won't be a problem then.

PDF - Which is Pretty Damn Fine, as far as I'm concerned. Most of my stuff
will be distributed in that format, though I can make text or doc versions
available on an "as requested" basis. I'm still tinkering with my idea to
do the adventure up as web pages with hyperlink exits and applet maps.
We'll see how that goes after a few folk test out my FreeMapper.

Finding TFT - I've managed to rebuild my entire collection (from nothing)
in about three months, so the stuff is definitely out there. Most of it
came from Fine Games, and the rest from religiously checking usenet and
jumping on fresh postings. Tangential to this and the above, I'm thinking
of PDF'ing my microgame collection, since they're going to wear out
eventually and plus they'd be so much easier to keep track of on a zip
disk. Of course I'd have to keep the originals and do like you do with
software ("only one copy executing [in play] at a time"), but it'd probably
be worth it in the long run.

The Copywright Issue - Don't ask me, I'm ethical but amoral. But I would be
interested to know if Metagaming ever got permission from Jack Vance to
basically (sorry, pun) steal The Dragon Masters and make it into Chitin.
Anyone know anything about that?

Anyway, nice to be back.

Howard K.

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