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(TFT) Re: Recent purchases - eBay.com

> Brett Slocum wrote:
> > 
> > This included (from the same person):
> > Melee, Wizard, Grail Quest, Treasure of the Golden Unicorn, Master of the Amulets,
> > Orb Quest, Lords and Dragons of the Underearth, Advanced Wizard, and the TFT Screen.
> > 
> > Also, Rivets.
> Why not share it?  ;-)  Actually, I figure the e-bay price would be well
> below the "ravenous uninformed bidder marketplace price"...  but on the
> other hand I don't think you'll find a lot of TFT stuff there either.

It's very up-and-down. Sometimes, you get bargains on eBay, sometimes the prices go *way* 
too high. And you can find anything there in time.  I've only been on two months, and 
I've gone a long way to establishing a classic Traveller collection (from nothing), a 
TFT collection (from just AM, AW, ITL, and TL), and a microgame collection (from 
Illuminati). Not to mention all the other games I've found.

> I highly recommend posting a WTB post to the frp newsgroup to see what
> kind of response you can get...  if you are patient, you can turn up
> most anything this way.

This method also avoids the bidding wars.
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