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Re: (TFT) Re:Megasilence

>Here's another stab at trying to start a discussion...
>Theres a house rule to make fatigue for spells separate for strength, 
>thereby gurpsifying TFT... i really dont like that rule... any.

I added that myself to my campaigns back in old days. I thought the
original rule too greatly crippled wizards, turning them into characters
who'd throw a couple fireballs then run from daggers for the rest of the
game. To balance things out, I let the non-wizard classes apply those
fatigue points to their abilities too, like exerting extra dice of strength
when trying to move something or pressing an aggressive attack. My players
didn't abuse the system, but you might have to adapt it to keep people from
constantly attempting superhuman feats with their points. Of course, I kept
the "knock out" rule, so if players went around burning fatigue points I
could have their foes knock them down with a stun blow instead, thereby
still leaving the players in a challenging fight. If your players work well
as a team and cooperate, then there's no need to add this particular rule
as the fighters and such can protect the wizards and the tactical side of
the game retains its full flavor.

Howard K.

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