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Re: (TFT) ST/Fatigue

joel sira wrote:
> i tried starting 2 discussions but they died... not only that but i
> didnt even get responses....
> entrance hex to masters of the amulets, and alternate modes of playing
> TFT.
I saw your post but I don't have Master of the Omelettes (yet) so I
can't comment, the online gaming accesory is one of those things I will
have to get a round too. Currently I have to pay for my time on-line by
the minute so on-line gaming is not something I plan to do much of.

However, I should be restarting my TFT adventure in the next couple of
weeks, I will try to keep you all informed how it goes. It's a
conversion of "Cult of the Reptile God" from ADND. The party have
investigated the village, cleared the temple and are about to head into
the swamp...

> Here's another stab at trying to start a discussion...
> Theres a house rule to make fatigue for spells separate for strength,
> thereby gurpsifying TFT... i really dont like that rule... any.

I always treat spellcasting ST loss (Fatigue) as separate from wounds.
They both use the ST attribute; if a Wizard is wounded they will have
less ST to use on spell casting. Occaisionally I have treated some types
of wounds as Fatigue loss rather than ST so a character will fall
unconscious. e.g. knock out poison, pub brawling, or wounds caused by
illusions. I find it usefull to keep them separate, as wounds take so
long to recover from, when all you as GM want is a character to fall
over for a few rounds.

Andrew Morris suggested Wizards take a DX penalty for ST loss due to
casting high ST spells i.e. ST; 5+, DX; -2, as if they received a wound.
I haven't tried this yet, but it could be a way of making the mighty
bolt lobbers a little more cautious.


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