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(TFT) Alternate rules

"joel sira" <jodasi@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Theres a house rule to make fatigue for spells separate for strength, 
> thereby gurpsifying TFT... i really dont like that rule... any.

There are some alternate rules I like, and others I don't.  For example,
most of the variants written up by Andrew Morris (and available at the
website) are not my cuppa tea.  Sectional armor makes the combat more
complex, and the simplicity of combat is one of the things I love about

The Luck attribute is another one that just doesn't appeal to me; sure,
another chance to keep from getting killed sounds great, but it has the
feel of a cheat.  I'd rather the GM just "plays god" and gives you that
one ST point than having another roll make that determination.

On the other hand, there are rule variations I like a lot.  I've gone
on a bit about streamlining the turn sequencing for play-by-email.  That's
worked pretty well in games I've played.

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