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(TFT) RE: TFT Digest V1 #35

> Here's another stab at trying to start a discussion...
> Theres a house rule to make fatigue for spells separate for strength,
> thereby gurpsifying TFT... i really dont like that rule... any.

I haven't really tried playing out a system that does this - but I have
thought about it a bit.  In Duels played using Wizard vs. Hero it seems a
bit harsh on the wizards to have wounds and "mana" shared from the same

In Campaign type play, making mana seperate doesn't seem like it would
too many things - with the biggest problem being the old 6 point missile
which the wizzard can suddenly afford to cast and still have enough points
left over for a contingency plan.  I've got some ideas on how to counter
sort of abuse though:
* A wizards current mana total can create a DX penalty to cast spells just
as low strength from wounds (<5) causes a problem.
* "Mana" recharges more slowly than fatigue strength loss, or only under the
right conditions (when meditating under the twin moons, etc. depending on
the Wizard)
* You can also have any loss of strength cause an immediate corresponding
loss of "mana" - the two are related in that way.  So a wizzard who takes
wounds could find themselves out of mana and in a bad predicament.
* And most importantly, apply a -1DX penalty for every point of strength put
into a missile spell.  The more juice you throw into it, the harder it is to
That will keep all but the high DX, low IQ types from throwing 4 point
spells, and in the case of the later, it will most likely be a Magic Fist.

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